The Maranatha Village Team

Jerry Webber – Village Administrator

Jerry leads and coordinates the village affairs and staff. Jerry has experience as a pastor, missionary and mission organization administrator. He can be reached at

Kathy Withers – Office Manager

Kathy answers the phones and keeps the Village office running smoothly and effectively. Contact her for questions about applications, reservations and other administrative questions at

Jerry Johnson – Business Manager

Jerry “J” directs the business and financial affairs of the Village. He can be emailed at

Tom Dillon – Financial Services

Tom cares for the accounts payable, and other financial services in the Business Office of the Village. You can contact him at

Gerry Carlson – Marketing & Development

Gerry oversees the sales, housing and promotional aspects of the Village operations. He can be contacted at

Bill Katka – Maintenance Supervisor

Bill directs the maintenance staff and oversees the care of the buildings and facilities of the Village. Bill’s email is

rev: 4/28/21